Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow

This is my toy version of the Zhuge Liang crossbow, or Repeating crossbow.The repeating crossbow is a Chinese crossbow that was invented during the Warring States period, and remained in use until the late Qing dynasty. It is also known as the Zhuge crossbow, due to its association with the Three Kingdoms-era strategist Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow 8

The repeating crossbow combined the actions of spanning the bow, placing the bolt, and shooting into a one-handed movement, thus allowing for a much higher rate of fire than a normal crossbow. The crossbow consisted of a top-mounted magazine containing a reservoir of bolts fed the crossbow through gravity, a rectangular lever attached to both the tiller and the magazine, and a tiller that mounts the prods while being held by the user near the hip. By pushing and pulling the lever forwards and backwards, the user was able to catch the drawstring onto the latch while loading the bolt. A sliding lug nut at the back of the magazine pushed the drawstring out of the latch once the lever is fully pulled backwards; with the tiller pushing the nut up and enabling the drawstring to propel the loaded bolt.

ancient China crossbow

ancient China crossbow 1

The Zhuge Liang Repeating Crossbow is a handy little weapon that even the Confucian scholar or palace women can use in self-defence.

woman with Zhuge Liang Repeating Crossbow

This crossbow also being seen in Age Of Empires AOE game.

AOE China crossbow

AOE China crossbow 1

Okay, now my toy version of this Zhuge Liang Repeating Crossbow an ultimate ancient China weapon.

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow China

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow 1

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow 2

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow 3

Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow 4

And this is my assembling, testing this Zhuge Liang Repeating Toy Crossbow

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