Forget the Useless Box, now come the ultimate Useless Machine, the Fidget Cube

Ever you known and or even addict to this Useless Box, the most useless machine?
Useless box machine

Now you will going crazy for this Ultimate Useless Machine, the Fidget Cube.

Useless Cube

fidget cube useless machine

Fidget Cube is among the most sucessful project on Kickstarter with over 5 millions US dolar fund raising up to Sep, 2016, over 120,000 thousand people join to raise fund for this.

Useless machine Cube

fidget cube useless machine

The project owner team intend to create this to solve people's fidget time. I do not have such these fidget habit but at the first time seeing this cube, I recognize this much be a very interesting toy .. just as the useless box but this toy is even more fun, more crazy, more .. useless. So I also backed one, on this December I will receive the order. So long to wait, and I ask the project owner allow me to share their project, their pictures, video on the toy, they said OK.

So here is the Fidget Cube - the ultimate Useless Machine (as my approach :>)

Uhm.. their are some fake Fidget Cube, Fidget Cube project coming out their. So please note that this is the link to the "original guys: Antsy Labs

And .. forget the Useless Box, Useless Machine ... what ever >"<

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